Learn FileMaker 8.5 Book Errors

Well, as with any book of a technical nature, errors have crept into this one. Fortunately, the web allows me a way to help you find and correct them - hopefully before too much hair-pulling is involved.

I wish I could just have the pages magically change in your copy of the book, but that won't happen for a few years yet. And the publisher won't spring for a recall. :-) So here they are, listed by page number. If you find any others, be sure to e-mail me and I'll add them.

Page: 9

Position: Second to last paragraph, sixth sentence.

What it says: "Click the right page of the Book until the number 8 appears..."

Error: It should say "...until the number 6 appears..."

Page: 256

Position: Near top. Script 8 - Add Interest Item

You need to add one more script step after the last step shown. The step should read:
Commit Records/Requests [Skip data entry validation; No dialog]

Error: If you implemented invoice locking method that beings on page 405 titled "Limiting Access through Field Calculations, you'll run into problems with any invoices that are marked as Approved. As the monthly billing script runs, it will get stuck in a loop that adds an infinite number of Interest items to any approved invoice until the program crashes! So be sure to add the Commit script step.

Page: 269

Position: Long paragraph 2/3 or the way down.

What it says: "By using negative values, you can make the window appear off the computer screen."

This "feature" apparently "broke" in FMP 8.5. We developers hope it is restored in the next release, if for no other reason than it's cool!

Page: 358

Position: Second sentence in section titled "Web Sites Powered by FileMaker"

What it says: "Go to http://www.filemaker.com/ for a listing..."

Error: They no longer have that page available. <sigh>

Page: 457

Position: Step number 8 - the calculation

It incorrectly names a field called "FieldData." It should be "Extension."

Error: Evaluate(con_SIT__ShortName::Extension)


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