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To work with business clients to make FileMaker do what they need it to do quickly and easily. That includes creating the interface, training workers, installing upgrades and adding new features. FileMaker Pro is the best selling cross-platform database in the world. It is also the fastest development environment by a factor of two. That means you save money!

  Our History

Twenty-five years ago, Jonathan Stars was an an award-winning singer, songwriter and comedian with 12 albums to his credit. He started using FileMaker to keep track of his entertainment business. Soon, members of his Mac user group were hiring him to make databases for their businesses.

His first giant project was with his wife's bakery. The goal was to develop an order-taking program that would be mostly point and click. He tested the FMP solution by letting her get lost while taking imaginary orders. It gave him an acute knowledge of how to improve the logic of layouts and buttons. Before they implemented the application, new employees needed 6 weeks of training before they were allowed to take cake orders. Now they start on the 2nd day! Within six months increased profits paid for four computers and the programming.

Jonathan is author of seven editions of his book Learn FileMaker Pro, a regular contributor to FileMaker Pro Advisor magazine and a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance.

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