Learn FileMaker Pro 8.5 is designed to teach the fundamentals of this cross-platform relational database program to both Macintosh and PC users, while also providing more advanced topics for intermediate users. Because FileMaker Pro 7 was easily the most dramatic upgrade to the software in its history, experienced users of versions previous to 7 will benefit from this book as much as beginners.

Beginners learn the basic elements of FileMaker in a straightforward, logical manner, complete with hands-on exercises.

Intermediate to Advanced users will be able to get up to speed immediately on hundreds of changes that lie below the familiar surface of FileMaker Pro 8.5.

Coverage includes:
* Working with multiple tables and windows in a single file

* The totally revamped relationships model
* Working with the new scripting tools
* The completely redesigned security interface
* Sharing databases across the Internet using the newly enhanced Instant Web Publishing
* Automated reporting
* Building and testing complex calculations
* Working with ODBC/JDBC, XML and XSL style sheets, and FileMaker Mobile.
* The all new Web Viewer

For those who have experience with FileMaker, the book includes information on troubleshooting and debugging scripts, creating a report based on a date range, and how to turn a field into a button. By the time readers complete this book, they will have a set of files they can use to keep track of customers and invoices.

The appendixes address issues such as network error messages and technical support. In addition, an extensive index with more than 3,000 entries guides the reader to specific FileMaker topics.

Example files in both Windows and Macintosh formats, along with other FileMaker developer solutions and plug-ins can be downloaded from www.wordwarecom/files/fmpro7

Learn how to:
* Use the alignment tools to quickly align objects on your layout.
* Set up fields for auto-complete and create tooltips to assist users.
* Attach a calendar to a date field to efficiently enter dates.
* Import tables and their data in a single step.
* Print your files as a PDF and save or send your files as Excel files.
* Organize information in different layers on a single layout using the Tab Control feature.
* Export the contents of a field and attach it to an e-mail.
* Use the Web Viewer to display information from the web inside your database.

* Plan, create, and format a database.
* Find and sort data.
* Define relationships and work with related tables and files.
* Create layouts using the Layout Assistant.
* Use validation options to make sure data is entered properly.
* Build and test complex calculations.
* Apply record-level security.
* Automate your database and fly between tables with scripts.
* Design screen and report layouts.
* Share FileMaker databases on the Internet using Instant Web Publishing.
* Use and synchronize files with FileMaker Mobile for the Palm OS.
* Protect your data with scripts and calculations.
* Import and Export using XML and XSL style sheets.
* Back up your database and recover your data.

About his book, Jonathan says:
     "I wrote this book as if I were writing it for myself when I started out. I remember how confusing it was trying to figure out all the things left out of the manual and the other books I'd bought to help me learn. I consider myself of normal intelligence. So this book is not written by some genius who assumes you know everything. I tried very hard not to skip any of the steps you need to know. That makes this book sort of 'For Dummies by a Dummy.'
     "I also included information about how to figure things out for yourself. Instead of just telling you how to solve 10 special problems, I show you how to solve almost any problem you might come up against. You know, 'Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.'
     "One other example of how I approached this whole project is that it took me 70 hours to create the index for the first version of this book. I'm told most indexes take about 16 hours. I wanted this to be the index I wish was in the back of every other technical book I've ever read. It's just so frustrating to look for something you know you just read about, but you can't find it. I spent my time so you won't have to waste yours.
     "And finally, I had my mother do all the exercises in the book to make sure it was clear enough for anybody else to learn. To be fair to her, she's pretty sharp, but she had never worked with FileMaker before. I rewrote quite a bit of the text as a result of her suggestions. That's how important it was for me to make this as good a book as I could."
     -- Jonathan Stars


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