About FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro is the best-selling cross-platform database in the world. It outsells all other standalone databases. (Read the list of Who Uses FileMaker Pro below.) That is no accident. In terms of ease of use, FileMaker has no rivals. For that reason, it takes less time to prototype and develop a project.* That means using it costs you less—usually about half of what it would cost in some other database—even the ones that are "free!" It is also easy enough to work with that end users can make minor changes without losing the overall integrity of the application.

Speaking of applications, FileMaker can easily be adapted for uses far beyond those normally thought of for databases. To see a partial list of uses, go to Products & Services.

FileMaker is also Web savvy. You can build a web site around FileMaker for a shopping cart in online ordering. And you can bring the web into FileMaker via the Web Viewer. With the Web Viewer, you can make requests from websites using fields you have in your database (like Google maps) and grab text data from websites in order to update information in your database (like stock quotes).

For information on what a database is, go to Dirtywork with Databases.

For a review of FileMaker Pro 3.0 (Claris' first relational version way back in 1996), go to Filemaker Goes Relational. That's quite a few versions ago, but that article helps to explain what a relational database is. Developers in other database systems may tell you that FileMaker is not truly relational (assuming you even know or care what that means). Don't you believe them. And let's think about their motivation; they're trying to sell you their services—at twice the billable hours!

*In fact, many developers who work with other database programs, prototype in FileMaker Pro before doing the a project in another programs. Why would they do that? Because when they prototype, the developer is paying for the demo out of their own pocket. When they get the bid, the client is paying! Nuff said.

Getting Serious
FileMaker Inc. is a $100 million a year company. You don't get that way unless you have a product that people want. This is a serious product by a serious company. Should you have any more questions in this regard, read the following list of companies who use FileMaker Pro.

Who Uses FileMaker Pro?

This is the short list. The actual list is simply too long. I can put it here, but you'd never read it.

20th Century Fox
American Express
Bank of America
Bellevue Hospital
BellSouth Communications USA
Black & Decker
Boeing Corporation USA
Business Week Magazine - USA
Carnegie Mellon University
Century 21 Real Estate
Cisco Systems
Coca Cola,(headquarters), Atlanta, Georgia
Delta Airlines USA
Department of Defense
Dow Chemical
Ford Motor Company, Inc.
Gannet Publishing, Inc.
General Motors
IDG Books Worldwide, Inc.- Indianapolis, Indiana
JC Penney Corporation (Headquarters) USA
Jim Henson's Muppet Factory
Lockheed Martin
Mobil Oil
Motorola Inc, USA
Pioneer International
Polaroid Corporation - Headquarters, MA, USA
Shell Company
Siemens Industries
St Vincent's Hospital
The Disney Corporation
The New York Public Library, New York, NY
Toyota Motor Corp
Turner Broadcaster (WTBS)
US West Communications
USA Today, New York
The Walt Disney Co.
As well as hundreds of universities, colleges, libraries, and research centers worldwide.


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