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Employment Availability: Determined by you
Job Position: Independent Contractor
Job available: 1
Job location: Greater Lansing area

Who we are: A custom software development partnership, the two principals of which have a combined total of over forty years’ experience in the field. We’re good at IT, but we’re not good at business development and PR.

Who you are: An outgoing person who likes to meet and talk to business leaders, looking for opportunities to promote our services and/or expand our presence within their organizations. You have impressive experience and achievements in one or more of the following areas: business development, PR, sales, marketing.

What we want you to do for us: Get to know business leaders we haven’t met (initially) as well as our current and past clients (after we’ve established trust with you), and find out where our services might benefit them. We have a short list of the kinds of people with whom you’ll connect, and a short list of the kinds of questions you’ll ask those people to qualify them as potential candidates for our services. No special training in IT is required. Your skill at being a people person is far and away your most important attribute.

How we want you to do it: We’d like to know what general methods you’re using to develop relationships, and we’d like to proofread any marketing materials you intend to use to represent us. Beyond that, plan execution is completely in your hands. We are happily self-employed and self-managed. We want the same from you.

How you earn a living: When you identify a need that turns into billable time for us, you get a percentage of that billing. We’ve crunched the numbers, and a motivated and talented person in this role will make a very good living. If you impress us as a person who can do well in this role, we’ll lay out our projected figures for you.

Where you can go: Your work schedule, job execution and earning potential will be fully self-determined. We have a large pool of consultants from which we can draw as you generate more business for us.

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