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 To-Do List with Calendar

    This product it not yet ready for release. However, I use it every day. I can't do my work without it. Following is a screen shot. It's all very rough because I add features as I go. I'll save the polish for later. Let me know if you're interested and I'll take it a few steps further.

Click here to watch a video of Jonathan using the calls file.

   Each item listed is a To-Do for the day. Beginning on the left, the Dn column is where you check off items when they're done. When you click the Sort button, those items go to the bottom of the list regardless of what time they're scheduled.

    The P & C columns refer to other files the various To-Dos come from. The P is my Phonebook file. The C is my Clubs file for entertainment shows. Clicking on the bullet in that column takes you to the record in that file. Items with no bullet exist only in this file.

    The next row of blue and pink buttons along the top represent the days of the week. The current day (in this case Wednesday) has a red outline. When the file opens, that middle square is normally filled in with pink. However, in this picture Monday is pink because I had clicked it to show me Monday's items. Clicking any of the day buttons brings up that day's list and the button changes from blue to pink. The idea is to show you at a glance where you are. It also reminds you that you're not looking at today's list.

    To the right of the listed date you see three plus and minus signs. Clicking the small plus or minus reschedules the item to the next or previous day. Clicking the red plus sign brings up a dialog for rescheduling the item for various intervals in the past or future.

    Clicking in the pink "cal" column puts a 1 in the box and causes the item to appear on the Calendar. I chose to do it this way since I just don't want all items cluttering up my calendar. I only want to see commitments on the calendar. If someone asks if I can meet them on a given date, I can see at a glance the one or two items for that date instead of having to scroll down a long list of phone calls I want to make that day.

    The column of pink circles with the numeral "2" in it is a new addition. Certain appointments are priority. After I schedule one of these, clicking the 2 button creates 2 reminders in advance of the appointment. One reminder appears the day before the event at noon and and has a blue square to the left of it. The second appears first thing the day of the appointment and has a green green square to the left of it. I usually color the text for the item red.

    There's a lot more to this. So ask and you shall receive.

Thank you for your interest.

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