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 Web Site Development

We offer custom web site building. We specialize in connecting web sites to FileMaker databases. -- Why would you want to do that?

You're probably familiar with filling out a form on a web page. But when you click the Submit button, where does that information go? Very often, to a database. If visitors to your site fill out the form, that information can be available to you as part of your client file or mailing list.

Another very handy use is for sites that update automatically when new information is entered into a database. For instance, if you click on this
Articles link, you'll be presented with a list of my newsletters. Clicking on one of them will show you the text of the entire article. All this was done by entering the articles into a FileMaker database. It doesn't require that you (or your office staff or volunteers) know the HTML web language at all. Also, you don't have to keep calling up your web master to add a new page. It puts you in control of your site.
When building web pages with FileMaker this way you don't have to be careful about naming or moving documents. And there are fewer files to deal with.

Companies with Intranets might want to make information available to other parts of the company without leaving the databases open for all users. Allowing access through a web page with a FileMaker "backend" can be a much better solution.

We can also host your site for you including all the proper FileMaker tools.

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