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The following are excerpts from the
October 2008 newsletter


Several people have asked me "Have you ever found a monument that made you cry?" The answer is Yes.

In Riverside Cemetery in Alma, Michigan I found the above monument and it reminded me of the day my 16-year-old daughter, Diana Kay Chamberlin, was killed. I stood in the cemetery for a long, long time thinking about Diana and how much she meant to me, and my wife (now deceased) came over and asked why I was spending so much time at this particular monument. She never knew my daughter, therefore didn't make any mental connection right away until she saw the look on my face. She led me away from that stone, but it almost haunts me to think about it from time-to-time. I sincerely hope none of our readers ever have to go through the experience of losing a child that way because you never get over it, believe me!

Those of you who have lost a child know what I'm saying, and probably feel the same way. I wasn't at the scene when my daughter was hit by the car, therefore I didn’t have to go through the thoughts of seeing that happen. Diana’s mother witnessed the accident, and she told me it goes through her mind every night.

Reverse side of the monument.

We know nothing about the young lady buried here or her family. Those two photos were taken because of the situation I found myself in while browsing through the cemetery. Thank you for understanding.

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Several people have written or called about the newspaper articles that we include in the newsletter. We do not do it "to make fun of death" or amusement. Our newsletter features photos of unusual gravestones, unusual epitaphs, unusual deaths and tells about things that have happened either in cemeteries, funeral homes, or in between. We do not print them to glamorize death!

I've talked to many readers who do not subscribe to any newspapers, therefore they don't know about some of the "weird" things that take place in the world.

There are many books at some libraries that contain humor about gravestones or crazy ways that some people have created to end their lives. The Darwin Awards book goes into detail to illustrate unusual methods some people have taken, (intentional or accidental), to end their lives.

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Wire reports...

A woman and her two young children died after they were stung by a swarm of hornets whose nest they had disturbed while cutting firewood, a police chief said.

Loy Sophea, 24, her 1-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son died shortly after they were attacked by hornets in a forest near their village in Siem Reap province said a local police chief, Eng Kea.

She had taken her children into the forest while she cut firewood for cooking. She accidently disturbed the hornets' nest, triggering the attack.

The woman used her body to cover children, but all three were repeatedly stung by the hornets, the police chief said.

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[Here are two individual cases whereby a person within the family gets mad and someone pays dearly for it]

Case # 1: Port Richey, Florida...

Robert Poole attacked his parents and ransacked the home, Pasco County Sheriff spokesman Doug Tobin said.

"This individual was quite combative and was hitting them pretty hard in the head" At some point, Poole's mother pepper-sprayed him and he was pulled to the floor. While his parents held him down, he passed out. He was unconscious and not breathing when deputies arrived. He was taken to Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. It's thought he was schizophrenic and might have suffered from other ailments. Official cause of death is pending toxicology results.

Case #2: Battle Creek. Michigan...

The Lansing State Journal reported that James L. Keck had a long crime history, and a violent temper. He repeatedly called his parents, demanding money, and several times had threatened to kill them. Keck was also on the list of public sex offenders for a conviction of first-degree sexual assault.

Darlene (Keck) Prado, Keck's mother, Gary Prado (Keck's step-father) and Prado's 11- year-old daughter received a phone call from Keck saying he was coming over for money, although no one owed him any, he was coming anyway!

The Prado's all went to the bedroom after locking the front door and bedroom door, and placed a dresser to block the bedroom door. Keck kicked in the front door and the bedroom door; whereupon Gary Prado fired a warning shot from a pistol and told Keck to stop. When he continued and tied to attack them, Gary Prado shot Keck 4 times, killing him instantly. Police have listed the incident as self-defense and no charges are placed against Gary Prado.

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-- Clyde A. Chamberlin, Publisher
    East Lansing, MI

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